Jewish discrimination at a Swiss Hotel

Swiss Alps, August 14 — A Swiss Alps hotel owner Ruth Thomann waded into some hot water after she posted a sign at her Paradise Apartment House that read as follows:

To our Jewish Guests
Women, Men and Children

Please take a shower before you go swimming and although after swimming.

If you break the rules, I’m forced to cloes the swimming pool for you.

Thank you for understanding: Ruth Thomann


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After some international outcry the government of Switzerland quickly handled the issue and the anti-semitic sign was taken down by the owner. Ms. Thomann apologized and noted her choice of words was unfortunate.

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P|M Weighs In:

Nordic nations historically have a sketchy record in fair treatment of people other than Nordic Caucasians – especially Jews. The unfortunate part about it is often times they may actually not realize they are being “unfair”.

How could have this situation been “fair” and not make the news?

“To all our dear guests, please use the shower before and after using our beautiful pool.”