Barcelona Vehicular Terrorist Attack

Barcelona, Spain, August 17 — Earlier today an individual drove a van into a crowd of pedestrians in Barcelona’s tourist district of Las Ramblas.

Update: The local authorities have apprehended one of the individuals involved in the savage terrorist attack but there appears to be a horrible case of mis-identification.

Update 2: Not surprisingly the ISIL/ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

It now appears the incident is a vehicular terrorist attack. Current reports state as many as 32 people are injured and 13 are deceased. These figures have not yet been confirmed by official authorities.

Fox News and BBC both reporting the driver of the van has fled after hiding in one of the restaurants.

We ask for patience because these events typically carry wildly inaccurate information.

P|M Weighs In:

Our hearts and prayers are with the deceased and injured. Regardless of the motives of the perpetrator(s) we hope the individual(s) responsible will be apprehended swiftly and brought to the fullest extent of justice.

Sources: Fox News and BBC.