Turkish police clash with protesters over freedom of speech

Istanbul, Turkey, November 5 — Turkish police forces have clashed with estimated 1000 people who marched on the headquarters of the Cumhuriyet daily newspaper (translated “The Republic”, via Wikipedia). Earlier the government investigators arrested nine people at the newspaper alleging “terrorism” with connection to PKK which is outlawed in Turkey, reports Hurriyet Daily News.

According to Wikipedia and secondary source news agency for this story Hurriyet Daily News Cumhuriyet is “the one of the oldest and most respected newspapers” in Turkey.

The protest started as the Turkish people are becoming increasingly terrified of the government assaults on the freedom of press after the failed government coup.

German news agency Deutsche Welle reports that approximately 170 newspapers, magazines and TV stations have been closed since July (a result of current government).

Read full articles at Deutsche Welle and the Hurriyet Daily News.

Our possible interpretation

It is difficult for us to make comments on this issue because not many complete facts are known to us. What is known and is a fact that the Turkish government is on a full assault mode arresting anyone and everyone (particularly in Turkish press and academia) under accusations of “terrorism” related to PKK and others.

Mentioned earlier German news agency Deutsche Welle itself fell a bit of a victim to illegal treatment of its own interview crew a month prior.

We hope that the Turkish news agency Hurriyet Daily News is not next in line for the political guillotine.

Freedom of speech and press is one of the most important and fundamental freedoms a human being can have. Speech and writing are the direct bridge to expression of one’s thinking, one’s thoughts. To destroy that bridge is to imprison the individual within his own mind. Mind-imprison enough within a nation then the final likely outcome is the collapse of the self-imprisoned nation.