US FBI looking at potentially forged documents addressed to Clinton

Washington, USA, November 4 — U.S. Senator Tom Carper (Democrat) who is on the Senate Homeland Security Committee has apparently submitted a document to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence agencies claiming the document is a forgery illegally using his name and stationary, reports Reuters. Suspecting Russia as being involved.

Reuters continues to report that the letter under question was intended to appear as being addressed to Ms. Hillary Clinton. The content of the letter was to notify Ms. Clinton about an impending “massive” cyber attack which “could change the election results in favor of a specific candidate [Mr.Trump?]”. Reuters states the document was dated to October 3 and was reviewed by them. (Reuters gives a link to the actual letter in their article.)

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Our possible interpretation

This is an extremely troublesome news for various reasons.

In this particular situation it is imperative to allow further time for the official investigating agencies to do their job and allow all pertinent facts of their investigation reveal the actual truth.

With that being said if in fact it is true that the document(s) is a forgery it would show just how compromised the information security of the US government is leaving to wonder what else has already been compromised. On the other hand if the document is actually a forged forgery then it leaves an even worse situation on hand.

What do we mean by a “forged forgery”? Publishing “fake forged” documents could be part of a targeted mis-information campaign likely by specific Democratic party officials as a ruse to remove credibility from the inrush of the WikiLeaks emails that continue to paint a grimmer picture of the Clinton campaign and tarnishing the Democratic party.

Once again because of the nature of this news and the implications involved it is extremely easy to fall victim to conspiracy theories as such it is important to let the investigating agencies make sense of the situation.