Sandy Hook weapons case thrown out by Connecticut supreme court

Hartford, Connecticut, Oct 14 — Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis dismissed a lawsuit filed by parents of Sandy Hook massacre victims that took place in 2012. The US Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act cited as a legal immunity provided to weapons manufacturers from liability in this situation, (further recommended reading).

Read full article at the Hartford Courant.

Our possible interpretation

The Sandy Hook massacre is a no-doubt an incomprehensible tragedy. It is likely that many parents of the countless victims will never psychologically recover over their losses. This case made sense for an untamable anguish longing justice to an infinite loss within the dark void of injustice as the shooter committed suicide.

But in the legal world emotions, morality and the law though sometimes intertwined are woven from entirely different threads. These threads hold the large fabric that spans from coast to coast, person to person. Seeking “justice” from the weapons manufacturers for illegal acts committed by mentally unstable individuals is not different than seeking “justice” from rope makers whose rope ISIL terrorists use to hang innocent Christians.

Each time such cases pull out the individual threads, the fabric of freedom enfeebles. The pulled out threads however do not vanish but lay in darkness where they meticulously weave themselves into a rope with which we will hang ourselves when the fabric of freedom is reduced to lint.