Freedom of press – not in Turkey

Ankara, September 06 — Deutsche Welle ( conducted an interview earlier with Turkey’s Youth and Sports Minister Akif Cagatay Kilic. DW asked many questions that were allegedly agreed upon in advance.

Upon completion of the interview Turkish representatives detained the DW interviewing crew until they surrendered the interview footage.

Reasons for confiscation cited (much later) by Ubeydullah Yener, Turkish press officer of the Sport Minister said “There was no authorisation for the interview. The questions asked were not the ones that were planned. Mr. Friendman himself knows exactly why this happened. Some statements were right out allegations. In such a situation, there was no authorization granted.” — writes DW.

DW Director General Peter Limbourg commented on the situation, “[this] incident is a proof of blatant violation of press freedom in Turkey. What we are experiencing constitutes an act of the Turkish regime’s coercion. It no longer follows the rule of law and has nothing to do with democracy….” – reports DW. (We encourage you to read the full article at DW, see links below.)

A serious system is one which grants freedom of speech and press. A serious system is one which categorically restricts freedom of speech and press but that is the system’s normal modus operandi. A spurious system is one which pretends to grant freedom of speech and press but nullifies such grants arbitrarily. K.Hemway

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